How Can You Wear Your Lucky Color Outfits Every Day & Gain Fortune?

How Can You Wear Your Lucky Color Outfits Every Day & Gain Fortune?

In a week, each day represents significant importance for the dress color and attire. People can actually wear colorful dresses dedicated to each day of the week.

Monday is an auspicious day. Hence, dressing in white-colored attire would be beneficial as Monday is related to the Moon.

Since Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, people prefer wearing an orange-colored dress on this day.

Similarly, Wednesday is devoted to Lord Ganesha. Therefore, it’s suggested to dress up in green-colored outfits on this day.

If you’re a fan of yellow color, Thursday is your day! Due to the association with planet Jupiter, this day is well-known for wearing yellow outfits.

Experts suggest choosing multicolored attire for Friday as it could be fortunate for you with the blessings of Maa Durga.

Since planet Saturn rules the Saturday, people prefer wearing blue-shaded dresses to please Saturn.

Lastly, Sunday! You can opt for pink-tinted clothes to gain favorable outcomes as this day is strongly associated with Sun.

So, pick your favorite outfit and mark the color associated with each day of the week!

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