Having A Prayer Room In The House Can Uplift Your Spirituality

The god is supreme, although the creator of the universe. We often pray to god seeking health, wealth, prosperity, and peaceful life. To get rid of our possessiveness and pride of the achieved wealth and assets, Hindus dedicate the lord a separate room to worship him with all devotion. That is called the prayer room or Puja Ghar (Hindi).

In Hindu households, the prayer room is very common. In a prayer room, a lamp is lit, various idols of deities are installed and daily worshipped by devotees. There, devotees also perform spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, and Japa (mantra chanting with sacred beads). This activity is to remind oneself that God is the actual owner of the creation and the house too. God lives with us besides.

The prayer room is the must in a house. It is the place where you can practice pure meditation and attain inner peace. You can achieve positive energies, sacred thoughts, and pure vibrations by meditating in the prayer room regularly. Even though you are agitated or down for any reason, by sitting peacefully in the prayer room for a while, you can feel spiritually uplifted and relaxed.

You should definitely consider creating a prayer room for your spiritual expansion.

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