Perform Shantan Prapti Puja & Blessed With A Lovely Child

The Kamakhya Temple of Guwahati, Assam, is one of the 16 Shakti Peethas. Here, one can find childless couples visiting and praying with great faith and hope to the deity. She is revered as the divinity who fulfills all desires and wishes of her devotees.

People say that Goddess Kamakhya exists here in the most awkward form of the goddess. The idol seems associated with fertility, according to Hindu mythology.

Kamakhya Temple is where the vagina and womb of Goddess Sati fell. Hence, this temple holds a range of remarkable significance for enthusiasts of Shakti and Tantra Vidya.

Since Kamakhya is famous as one of the profound and oldest Shakti Peethas, the Puja (prayer), rituals, and sacrificial Havans performed at the temple premises are considered highly beneficial.

One of the rituals is Shantan Prapti Puja; the literal meaning is “a sacred ritual for conceiving a child.” A married couple conducts this puja ritual when they face the complexity while conceiving a child, even after all possible efforts.

On this ritual, two Siddha Hindu Preist help them conduct all customs, and it takes an entire day to be completed.

Benefits of Shantan Prapti Puja:

  • Devotees believe that by performing this puja, they got blessed with a child who receives divine blessings and the grace of Das Mahavidya.
  • The Shantan Prapti Puja also bestows the devotees with success prosperity. She also protects them from all negativity.

However, this divine prayer includes invocation of Goddess Durga, Sankalpa (a Hindu ritual), Durga Saptashati Paath, Devi Puja, Ahuti, 108 Mala of Devi, and Havan.

Do perform Shantan Prapti Puja and receive goddess Sati’s blessing with a lovely child.

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