How Dhanteras Marks The Beginning Of Diwali?

The first day of Diwali festivities begins with Dhanteras. The festival is also known as “Dhanvantri Trayodashi” and “Dhanvantrayodashi.” Legends say that God Dhanvantri emerged from the Samudra Manthan with a jar of the elixir on the day of Dhanteras.

God Dhanvantri is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and was the physician of the gods and the originator of Ayurveda. At Dhanteras Festival, goddess Lakshmi is worshipped to celebrate wealth and wish for prosperity and well-being.

Besides, some Hindus also worship Lord Kuber on Dhanteras day as the treasurer of wealth and grantor of riches. However, in Maharastra, this day is pronounced as “Vasu Baras” by worshipping the cow and her calf. Hindus consider the day auspicious to purchase any gold or silver ornament since it symbolizes good luck.

At sunset, devotees take a holy dip and offer oil lamps to Yamraj with food offerings or Prasad and pray for protection.

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