Read How Performing Pradakshina Can Prevent Sinful Thoughts?

Read How Performing Pradakshina Can Prevent Sinful Thoughts?

In Hinduism, visiting a temple in order to offer prayer to the Lord is an imperative practice since ancient times. When people visit a temple after offering prayer to God, people circumambulate the Lord. The procedure of circumambulation is called “Pradakshina.”

Importance of Pradakshina:

We cannot draw a circle without a center point. Similarly, divinity is the central source of power and essence of our lives. By performing this act, we recognize the divine idol as the focal point of our lives.

Every point of the circumference of the circle is equidistant from the center. Therefore, this indicates that every devotee is equally closed to the divine power. Along with this, it also stands that God does not do any partiality while bestowing his grace.

Interesting Facts of Pradakshina:

  • Pradakshina should always perform clockwise, which means the lord will always be on our right. In Hinduism, the right side signifies “auspiciousness.”
  • This practice helps people overcome their sinful tendencies and prevent repeating the sins from the past.
  • This way, we can experience the supreme divinity within ourselves that alone is idolized in the form of divine power that we worship outside.

When you visit a temple next time, make sure you perform Pradakshina to remove all your past sins.

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