Read How The Full Moon Affects & Make Your Health Suffer These Ways

Read How The Full Moon Affects & Make Your Health Suffer These Ways

The throughout history has been proved how different phrases of the moon, especially the full moon, influence human and animal behaviors. The full moon is highly associated with living epitomes, humans, in particular.

Often people believe, the lunatic night is responsible for various changes in natural climate, human embodiment. The numbers of natural calamities, events also increase in lunacy and people, kids become more impatient on that specific day. There are plenty of proves of erratic behavior occurrence that full moon supports.

Not only environmental, but full moon day also affects your physical well-being.

  • Your heart rate can reach its peak performance during the full and new moon phase. See the calendar before you hit the exercise.
  • The phase affects the human brain causing erratic behavior as it does with the flow of tides.
  • People with kidney stones may face immense pain during the full moon.
  • The condition changes sleeping patterns. During the bright Moon phases, the melatonin levels also get lower.
  • According to some researches, maximum women menstruate during the new moon and ovulate on full moon (Purnima) duration.
  • Surprisingly, the birth-giving rate increases on full moon day.
  • During the lunatic day, people seem to develop headaches, numbness, and other physical coordination issues.

Here’s what Sadhguru has to say about it:

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