Want To Enhance Overall Health? Absorb Full-moon Waves On Sharad Purnima

Want To Enhance Overall Health? Absorb Full-moon Waves On Sharad Purnima

Apart from Ekdashi, another significant yet powerful auspicious day is Sharad Poornima. It is one of the greatest Purnima or Full moon days in the Hindu calendar that falls in Ashwin month. According to Hindu mythology and cosmos, Sharad Poornima marks a more promising day for human lives as it is the only day during the year when the moon radiant in all its 16 phases.

Meanwhile, Sharad Purnima is the day when the moon is abundant in its 16 Kalas. Surprisingly the ray coming from the moon has brilliantly healing properties that are significantly good for the body, mind, and soul.

Benefits of Sharad Purnima:

Sharad Purnima has convincingly fascinating, robust benefits as a commonly popular Indian dish is consumed by believers on Sharad Purnima day. That is Kheer or “Rice Kheer,” prepared from rice, milk, sugar, or jaggery.

Since the sweet dish left beneath moonlight for an entire night and the next day distributes as Prasad,” it holds some stimulating scientific values.

  • The moonlight enhances the milk property of Kheer, making it much healthier.
  • It comprises rich in starch rice that reduces inflammation, improves gut health, and sustains overall well-being.
  • This divine nectar is also beneficial for asthma patients.
  • Besides, observing Sharad Purnima Vrat (fasting) proves to absorb energy directly from the moon.

Overall, the Sharad Purnima festival is the celebration of the sighting of the full moon.

Feature Image Credit: WeRIndia.

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