Read How Wearing Kajal Can Defend Your Eyes From Infections?

Kajal is an essential eye makeup traditionally been worn by Indian women since ancient times. This element has a different significance in Indian traditions more than just being a makeup component. Applying kajal to the eyes is a deep-rooted Indian tradition that has become a fashion statement from early days.

Kajal has some different names in India, such as Kohl, Kehla, Kol, Surma, Koha, so on. Ayurveda has strongly recommended wearing kajal due to its cooling effects and healing properties, including other health benefits for the eyes. Eventually, the use of kajal isn’t limited to only girls, yet is applied to kids of all age groups.

In hot regions, men, and women both apply kajal to protect their eyes from the hot temperament of the sun. Wearing kajal is generally a home remedy that serves as an eye ointment and protects the eyes from infections.

Several people apply kajal as a tiny dot on the cheek or forehead of the child to ward off the evil eyes or Drishti.

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