“Griha Pravesh”- The Post-Marriage Ritual Invites Good Wealth To A Household

In every Hindu family, welcoming a new bride for the first time into the house carry diverse rituals and customs. One of those rituals is “Griha Pravesh,” where the bride has to toss a Kalash (sacred pot) filled with rice with her right leg.

Significance of Griha Pravesh:

The Kalash or pot requires to install in the right place, which is the threshold that is the main entrance door. This ritual remark to be an essential yet significant ceremony or practice since it marks the promising beginning of the newlywed couple in the new household. Besides, the bride’s entry into the house also considers designating the entrance of Goddess Laxmi.

Moreover, people say that the Griha Pravesh ritual invites peace, prosperity, well-being, great wealth, and happiness into the household and the couple’s life. The usage of the right leg in Griha Pravesh observance conveys good fortune, thus, has great relevance.

Most importantly, the bride takes her first step into the house after dipping her feet in the blended liquid of kumkum and milk, considered the auspicious ritual post-marriage.

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