Unknown Facts Of Dwarkadhish Temple That You Should Know

Unknown Facts Of Dwarkadhish Temple That You Should Know

In India, as well as places overseas, there are uncountable temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. Among them, the greatest and most renowned is the Dwarkadhish Temple, situated at Dwarka, on the river banks of Gomti.

The temple at Dwarka is one of the purified Char Dham (pair of four pilgrimage sites) in India. Besides, it is also named “Jagat Mandir.”

Significance of Dwarkadhish Temple

According to the belief, the temple was first built by Vajranabha, the great-grandson of Lord Krishna, at this place. And the spot where the temple is built was said to be the abode of Lord Krishna.

  • However, there are two gates to enter the temple. One is Moksha Dwar in the north direction, and another is Swarg Dwar in the south route.
  • Eventually, the eyes of the idol installed in the temple are incomplete.
  • The flag that waves on the top of the temple gets changed five times a day. Also, the flag has a sun and a moon drawn on it.
  • There is a temple of Lord Krishna’s wife, Rukmini. And that is about 2km away from Dwarkadhish Temple.
  • Also, Janmashtami is the core festival that is celebrated in Dwarkadhish Temple grandly.
  • Plus, the marriage ceremony of Lord Krishna and Rukmini also gets celebrated in the temple premises as a grand celebration.

During the big celebrations in Dwarkadhish Temple, thousands of devotees gather and visit the temple to seek the blessings of Lord Krishna. You should also visit the temple, praise Lord Krishna to shower his blessings on you.

Feature Image Credit: Naveen Ramanathan, CC BY-SA 4.0. (free for commercial use)

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