Visit Sapta Puri And Secure The Road To Moksha

The term Sapta Puri is noted for those seven sacred cities that hold the holiest Tirtha pilgrimage centers in India. Tirtha in Hinduism represents a sacred place associated with a deity, which can be a place, mountain, river, or anything.

Religious aspects of Sapta Puri:

The Garud Puran has credited these seven sacred places as the granter of Moksha. The names of the secret places are Ayodhya, Mathura, Haridwar, Kashi, Kanchipuram, Avantika (aka Ujjain), and Dwarka.

In Hindu mythology, these Sapta Puri (seven religious destinations) have been mentioned as the sites where Hindu gods and goddesses have descended as avatars. Each city is equally famous for the shines, religious events, and spectacular cultural fairs, called Mela, held in those places annually.

Most cities connect the banks of the Ganges, the most revered river of India. These cities annually draw scores of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain pilgrims to their temples and water lines.

Devotees believe that visiting these pilgrimage destinations brings them luck and helps them attain Moksha. So, tour any or all of these Sapta Puri and ease your path to achieving Moksha.

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