Avoid Doing Good Works During Rahu Kaal & Bypass Negative Outcomes

Rahu Kaal is a substantial period and one of the eight segments of a day that’s considered unsuitable for any individual. The juncture during Rahu Kaal differs each day. And astrologers calculate it according to the solar occurrence.

The planets in Indian astrology are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu. In Hindu astrology, experts calculate Rahu Kaal and Gulika Kaal based on these planets. Since the planetary configurations can alter, it means the auspicious hours will always not be the same as per Hindu Panchang (five elements of Hindu Astrology).

Effects of planet Rahu during Rahu Kaal:

According to ancient Hindu astrology, this is a period when Rahu lures you into greed and negativity. Astrology experts acknowledge that Rahu has the potency to conceal the planet Sun that can cause a solar eclipse. Eventually, in Thai culture, there is a similar deity by the same name and nature, as per beliefs.

Usually, Rahu kalam remains for a maximum of 90 minutes, but in certain cases, it can be longer. In Hinduism, people consider Rahu Kaal inauspicious and never begin any undertaking during this period. They assume that commencing any pious intention during Rahu Kaal can lead to something unfortunate with unfavorable outcomes.

You shall consider Rahu Kaal and prevent doing anything good during this period too.

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