Place Lord Ganesha Idol Carefully & Attain Wealth, Good Health

Place Lord Ganesha Idol Carefully & Attain Wealth, Good Health

In the Indian belief, Lord Ganesha is considered the deity who removes all obstacles blocking your avenues of success. He is also known as “Vighnaharta” – The obstacle remover. Hindu people acknowledge him as the God of joy, happiness, and prosperity and worship him with utmost devotedness and enthusiasm. 

However, people often miss the remarkable value of placing Lord Ganesha idol and fail to install the avatar correctly. Since Ganapati idol is the protector, devotees always praise him before commencing something new and immeasurable in life. Most people install Ganesha idol at home without knowing the exact location to place him. 

According to Vastu Shastra, there are certain places at the house where we should place Ganesha idol to help us remove obstacles from life and attract good health and wealth. 

Here’s the video to guide you where should you place the Lord Ganesha idol:

Feature Image Credit: Image by Abhishek Kirloskar from Pixabay. (free for commercial use)

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