Why Must The Temples Be The Tallest Construction In The Entire Town

Why Must The Temples Be The Tallest Construction In The Entire Town

An unstated rule from the ancient era is that the temples must be the tallest construction in every particular city or town. We can find this practice in the Agraharam (a complete historic culture with traditional architecture) civilization style in rural areas.

Why this practice?

In general, the reason is said is that “God is the supreme mighty and hence, the residence of God, which is the temple, must be the tallest of anything else.”

Basically, the real reason behind this practice is the absorbing power of the temple “Gopuram.” Gopuram is the monumental entrance tower constructed in a Hindu temple in the Dravidian architecture of South India.

Gopuram is ordinarily filled with paddy inside, which is an exceptional absorbent of the shock waves. So, supposedly light hits anywhere in the village, then the waves get redirected to the gopuram. However, the excess toxic waves get conveyed to the earth. Besides, the beneficial cosmic rays from the environment get clutched by the paddy and radiated inside the temple.

Hence, when you step into the temple, you can feel the radiation vibration absorbed by your body.

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