Visit Ganpati Pule Temple & Perform Navasa And Get Your Vow Fulfilled

In Kokan, several beliefs are famous regarding temples and deities, but the Ganpati Pule Temple has unbelievable stories of all. The Mangalmurti or Ganesha idol of Ganpati Pule Temple is believed to be the most awakened and prevalent deity of Maharastra, India.

The temple is 1600 years vintage, and the location used to be a widespread jungle of Kevada (an exotic Indian flower species) before the temple was built.

Story of Ganpati Pule Temple:

Once a devout Brahmin named Balabhatji Bhide decided to worship Lord Ganesha in this jungle to get rid of his personal tragedies. During that time, he got a revelation from Ganesha that the place is Ganesha’s void and he should worship the deity there. He built a shrine on that jungle and started to perform Ganesha puja rituals routinely.

Many devotees perform Navas- a vow to perform service to the lord in the temple premises in return for a boon. People from Maharashtra hold utmost belief and faith in Mangalmurti and consider that the lord satisfies their desires.

However, one needs to fulfill some obligations placed for Navas; otherwise, their family may face severe obstacles. It indicates that they fail to keep their commitments. This is why Ganapati/ Ganesha is known here as Navsala Pavbnara Ganpati– the one who fulfills all kinds of affiances.

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