Enhance Your Wisdom By Observing Auspicious Chandra Darshan Ritual

Enhance Your Wisdom By Observing Auspicious Chandra Darshan Ritual

In Hinduism, Chandra or Moon is one of the most influential and admired deities rather than just a planet. Among the Navagraha (nine supreme planets), Chandra is the one that influences all life on earth. Eventually, the Hindu Lunar Calendar is also followed by the Moon position, the reason why the Moon has a significant place than the Sun in the life of Hindus.

In fact, astrologically, if the Moon is placed in a promising place in your horoscope, it will make your life much vibrant and meaningful. Moon signifies the wisdom, purity, and good intentions within.

Chandra Darshan:

Sighting the Moon after the Amavasya (new moon) or no moon day is called the Chandra Darshan ritual. It has colossal religious significance in Hinduism. Hindus observe Chandra Darshan in order to honor Lord Moon. They worship him and offer him a special prayer on this day with great enthusiasm and devotion. They eventually believe the Chandra Darshan day is significantly auspicious just after sunset and Amavasya.

Rituals and Benefits of Chandra Darshan Ritual:

The faith is, those who observe ritualistic Chandra Darshan Puja gets bestow with good fortune and prosperity. Besides, donating foods and clothes to Brahmins on this day is also favorable.

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