7 Divine Flowers You Must Include While Worshipping Hindu Deities

7 Divine Flowers You Must Include While Worshipping Hindu Deities

Flowers play a significant role in every single religious ceremony in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and other religions. Any divine rituals are incomplete without offering flowers, be it daily pooja Arati or Prayers. From ancient times, people continue to consider worshiping Hindu deities auspicious by offering flowers as this custom has its own greatness. However, a devotee cannot offer just any flower to the divinities as the divine energy can get furious through the smell of that specific flower.

So, here are some common flowers that you can offer to the gods and goddesses to bring great fortune and prosperity.


Palash flowers have the most quintessential element while worshipping Hindu deities, especially the goddess Saraswati. As per legends, Goddess Saraswati is generously fond of while-colored flowers, but without Palash, her pooja is considered incomplete.


Marigold is an essential flower requires to worship every Hindu deity. Since Lord Ganesha loves red or saffron-colored flowers a lot, the marigold garland is offered to him as well as to Lord Vishnu during worship.


Lotus flower hols a grade of aestheticism and represent peace and harmony. Due to that, Goddess Laxmi and Saraswati are offered white and pink lotus during their worship to bring good fortune.

Parijata or Indian Magnolia

Night-flowering coral jasmine is another divine flower believed to please Lord Vishnu.

Red Hibiscus

Goddess Kali loves to be worshiped with red hibiscus as the shape of this flower signifies the goddess’s tongue, including the vibrant red color represents Kali Maa‘s fierceness.


It is believed to be the most favored flower of Lord Shiva, also known as Akanda. To gratify Lord Shiva and gain his blessings, one must not miss this element while offering him pooja.


The last most divine flower is jasmine, and without this, any devotion of Hindu deities is half-done. This tiny fragrant flower does not hold only religious significance but also possesses majestic medicinal values. According to legends, Lord Hanuman, Lord Krishna adores the jasmine flower so much.

So, next time you make sure to include these divine flowers while worshipping Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism to acquire their blessings.

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