Eat Ayurveda Winning Recipe “Kheer” To Control Your Metabolism

Eat Ayurveda Winning Recipe "Kheer" To Control Your Metabolism

Kheer or Payasam is the classic golden recipe from Ayurveda culinary practice along with Khichdi. This traditional Indian sweet dish made its way to every Indian household kitchen from the ancient mud ovens.

Kheer or “Rice Pudding” is known by different names, such as Payesh, Payasam, or Phirni in different Indian sub-continents and cultures. This rice and milk are the foundation of this particular preparation combine with sugar or jaggery for added sweetness that enhances the taste fantastically. And in the base, Cow Ghee (Indian butter) goes into it with some special Indian spices, cardamom, bay leaves, etc.

Benefits of eating Kheer:

Ayurveda shows several Payasam or Kheer eating benefits that are even scientifically proven. Consuming rice pudding can initially bring you a healthy life, as per Ayurveda science.

    • Since it contains rich carbohydrate ingredients that supply you with subtle energy.
    • It helps to restore the glycogen that one requires during heavy exercise.
  • Kheer nourishes the body and provides an absolute cooling effect to the body and mind.
  • It’s a delightful yet helpful food during peak summer as it helps you control metabolism and sustain the process naturally.
  • The primary ingredient – “Milk” carries high amino acids that require maintaining and perform many actions.
  • Unbelievably Rice-pudding helps lose excess weight and winning alternative to coffee and tea.

Here’s is the simple Kheer recipe:

Make yourself pure, delicious, delightful Kheer and satisfy your sweet tooth in Indian style. Additionally, gain some superior benefits as well. Enjoy!

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